Keith Urban Sings “Once in a Lifetime” to Nicole Kidman on Wedding Anniversary!

Publicada Viernes Junio 27, 2014 11:33 AM GMT

Men are notorious for coming up short in the romance department, but Keith Urban bucked the trend while performing in Melbourne, Australia on his 8th wedding anniversary.

While his wife Nicole Kidman watched from the crowd, the “Cop Car” crooner explained the story behind his 2006 hit “Once in a Lifetime.”

Urban began, "A couple of months before the wedding, we were in our hotel and we were talking about the future and Nic was getting very nervous about marrying me. She was saying things like, 'It's a long shot,' [but] I knew she loved me and was just nervous. I did everything I could to remind her that I was going to be her man forever.”

From there, Keith launched into “Making Memories of Us,” noting, "This is a song a lot of people have at their wedding. We had it at ours. I sung it. I was too cheap to get anybody else. Eight years baby girl. This song is for you."

Photo Credit: Getty Images