Orlando Bloom Speaks Up for Syrian Refugee Children

Publicada Domingo Junio 29, 2014 11:03 AM GMT

Taking a break from his usual activities, Orlando Bloom spent some time at a Syrian refugee camp back in April. And he couldn’t believe what he saw.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” hunk told People magazine that the children he encountered were all suffering for lack of basic necessities and surrounded by turmoil.

Bloom declared, "Kids are seeing far too much violence and torture. They have witnessed such pain. They need help. They've lived lives like you and I. All they want to do is go home. Their kids are desperate for an education."

Furthermore, "The real issue is donor fatigue. Another crisis in the Middle East. Okay. But we're talking about children. Everyone's scared of the issue, I get that, but you don't have to be afraid to support the work that UNICEF is doing to save these children."

"Having a 3-year-old myself, it breaks your heart. It's not something you can even comprehend. You would die before you allow them to have that experience. These people, they just don't leave you. I can be wherever I am in the world but they're still waking up in the baking-hot desert and or freezing cold at night and making do with what little they have in their life. There are still children who are dying. So it's not something you switch on and off. And it's not something to be ignored."

Photo Credit: UNICEF

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