David Letterman Hits the Eject Button on Joan Rivers Interview

Publicada Miércoles Julio 9, 2014 8:45 AM GMT

He’s seen a lot of craziness during his decades on television but last night (July 8) David Letterman couldn’t handle Joan Rivers' antics on “The Late Show.”

While promoting her new book “Diary of a Mad Woman,” the 81-year-old “Fashion Police” star ended up talking about her recent CNN interview that she walked out on.

Rivers called the chat with anchor Fredricka Whitfield “judgmental, nasty and opinionated- it was just like my wedding night!”

However, when Joan mentioned losing a Depends endorsement because of her outspoken tendencies, Letterman had enough. Rivers made an off-color comment about 1940s actress June Allyson- “Hi I’m June Allyson and while I’m talking to you I’m taking a dump,” and David got up and walked off the set.

Photo Credit: CBS