Stork Alert: Christian and Sibi Bale Welcome Baby Boy!

Publicada Martes Agosto 19, 2014 8:04 AM GMT

Their brood just got a little bigger as Christian Bale's wife Sibi has given birth to their second child.

At this point, the only detail available is that the newborn is indeed a boy, giving the Bales’ nine-year-old daughter Emmeline a little brother.

Of course, Christian has always been very protective of his personal life, so it’s unlikely that the Bales will confirm name, weight or other specifics regarding their new arrival.

However, in 2008, the “Dark Knight Rises” star told Parade he’s not nearly as serious at home as he is in public- "I'm a court jester. My wife and daughter come with me on location. It's the most ideal mix. These wonderful distractions actually make me better at what I do."

Photo Credit: Getty Images