Justin Bieber Cites Princess Diana After Paparazzo Car Crash

Publicada Miércoles Agosto 27, 2014 8:05 AM GMT

It’s turning out to be a pretty crappy week for Justin Bieber, as he was rear-ended by a paparazzo while driving his Ferrari in West Hollywood on Tuesday (August 26).

The “All That Matters” singer noticed a shutterbug tailing him and out of frustration he slammed on the brakes, causing the photographer’s ride to collide into his pricey motorcar.

Thankfully, neither Justin nor the paparazzo reported any injuries, but Bieber made sure to make a huge deal out of the situation.

Afterwards he tweeted, “There should be laws against what I just experienced. We should have learned from the death of Princess Diana. I don’t have a problem with Paparazzi but when they act recklessly they put us all in danger.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images