Jessica Alba: Making Rounds in Malibu

Publicada Martes Septiembre 2, 2014 4:03 PM GMT

Stepping out for a social call, Jessica Alba headed over to a friend’s house in Malibu for a Labor Day gathering on Monday (September 1).

The always-stylish movie starlet selected a grey sweater to go with her blue jeans as she scurried past a few shutterbugs and headed into the shindig.

Jessica chatted with Fortune recently about her ever-growing The Honest Company and its impressive $70 million in new investment capital on the road to issuing an IPO.

Alba explained, “I am still quite hands-on and I still micro-manage probably a little too much. The details are what set us apart and me being meticulous about the details matters. It makes us feel different to everyone else out there.”

“As long as I am the customer, I am going to be involved in marketing, packaging and design. I don’t see my role changing a whole lot, but I guess I won’t be packing boxes anymore. In the beginning, we were packing our own boxes and doing initial product tests by throwing them around in a parking lot to see if they would break. Now we have people to do those things properly.”

And as for the best advice she received starting out, Jessica recalled, “If you are going to fail, fail fast and move on. Learn from your failures and move on. There are several failures that we had along the way. We didn’t even test our website when we launched. We didn’t have the technology to really change orders in the first month or two. What you got is what you got, if you didn’t like it you got a full refund. We learned through our mistakes. Luckily, there hasn’t been anything that we haven’t been able to learn and move and grow from.”

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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