GQ Features Hannah Ferguson, Damaris Lewis & Hailey Clauson in Rock Band T-Shirts!

Publicada Miércoles Septiembre 3, 2014 12:48 PM GMT

Girls and loud music always pair quite well, and GQ has assembled an impressive cache of photographs featuring Hannah Ferguson, Damaris Lewis and Hailey Clauson decked out in band apparel.

Texas native Hannah Ferguson sizzles in an A$AP Rocky jersey as she explains what she misses most about her homeland- “Common courtesy things! I’m not offended—I hold doors open for guys all the time. But it’s definitely kind of a shocker, because where I’m from, guys always open the door for you, or give up a seat on the subway.”

Meanwhile, Damaris Lewis, who has toured with Prince, chatted about the most surprising thing about her musician pal- “He’s a basketball fan. I mean, I don’t think a lot of people realize how normal – even though he’s a legend and Prince. I think one of our favorite pastimes is to watch basketball, especially during playoffs. That’s all we do. And one year I gave him my league pass password. Yep.”

Ms. Lewis also discussed her role as the ‘other woman’ in Kate Upton’s notorious “Dougie” video- “Ok. Let me tell you the story. I can’t make this up. Kate and I were both in LA at the same time. Kate was staying with me for a couple of days. She’s like, ‘Oh my God, I love to Dougie.’ And she does it for me, and I was like, ‘Never do that again’. And she was like, ‘No. I love – like, this is my song.’ And we kept playing it over and over and over again in the hotel room to practice it. Cause I can Dougie. Like, I can really, like, get real Brooklyn with it. So we go to the game and I say to Kate – first thing we sit down, I was like, ‘Kate, yo, if the Dougie comes on, don’t do it. Just don’t it.’ That’s why in the video, I’m like, ‘Just do it already.’ Because I’m waiting for this moment to be over. She does the Dougie and now the video is viral.”

Photo Credit: Aaron Richter/GQ

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