One Direction Drops “Where We Are” Trailer: Watch Here!

Publicada Jueves Septiembre 4, 2014 6:18 PM GMT

It’s next to impossible to get tickets to their concerts, and for all the One Direction fans who haven’t seen them live, there’s still hope.

The British boy band just released a teaser trailer for their “Where We Are” film, slated to hit theaters next month with a wealth of performance footage and backstage action.

And though they’re one of the biggest bands in the world, Louis Tomlinson insists they’re just a bunch of lucky lads who get to do really cool stuff.

“We fell like we’re just little scumbags… I feel like we’ve blagged it again. You look at the names of who's played at Wembley and you almost feel like you're not worthy of it. For people like us to be playing stadiums, it's just the biggest thing in the world."