Kate Beckinsale & Len Wiseman: Movie Date in Santa Monica

Publicada Lunes Septiembre 17, 2012 1:30 PM GMT

Stepping out for a fun-filled afternoon, Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman headed off to a movie in Santa Monica, California yesterday (September 16).

Following a mini-retail romp at some of the local shops, the “Serendipity” starlet and her movie director hubby strolled over to a nearby theater to catch a flick.

Earlier this summer, Kate starred in “Total Recall” under Len’s direction and alongside Irish super stud Colin Farrell.

When it came to filming fight scenes with the “Phone Booth” hunk, Beckinsale explained, “The first time was very nerve-racking for me – I had only four days between Underworld and Total Recall. Especially as the director’s wife, you do not want to

be the dud on the set, the one who goes, ‘Oh sorry, I can’t remember it’ and pokes Colin in the eye. It was a very complicated fight. There’s a crazy slide across the floor in which I smack Colin in the face with my crotch – which in itself, on the second day, is something. But shoes don’t half make a farting noise dragging along the floor, so I had to explain that as well.”

Photo Credit: FameFlynet.com