Can Anyone Pronounce Jake Gyllenhaal's Name Right?

Publicada Sábado Septiembre 29, 2012 4:27 PM GMT

Capping off the work week with a television appearance, Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by "Conan" on Thursday (September 27) to promote his newly-released film "End of Watch."

As the interview got underway, the "Brokeback Mountain" star was stunned that host Conan O’Brien was able to pronounce his last name correctly.

31-year-old Gyllenhaal went on to explain that there are very people who get it just right, saying, “The only two places that that is pronounced correctly – my last name, like you just did just now – [are] Sweden and IKEA.”

Of course, the line went over well with the crowd - with Jake proving that he definitely has comedic chops while also being able to take a joke, adding, "Us Swedes, we are really great people. I mean, I’m half Swedish, you know…We come with simple instructions, and we seem great. At the end of it, your fingers are sore and you feel awful.”