"Saturday Night Live" Brings Humor to Brad Pitt's Chanel Ad

Publicada Domingo Octubre 21, 2012 7:36 PM GMT

Just days after the release of his debut commercial for Chanel No. 5, Brad Pitt found himself the target of multiple parodies for his sultry new ad.

This weekend, the ultra-funny cast members of “Saturday Night Live” performed a series of sketches that marked the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” actor as an endorser of everything from Mexican food to dog contraceptives.

Taking aim at his recent fragrance campaign, Taran Killam put forth his best Pitt impersonation, playing out his rendition of the ad while asking, “I'm sorry – is there really no script? 'Cause I've been talking to myself for like two hours straight and I'm starting to sound insane," also adding, “What? You want me to sound less coherent? Really? Okay, I can just start making up words? You like that. All right."

Later in the clip, Taran pokes fun at Brad’s appearance, adding, "Is it just me or do I look super homeless? That's what you want? Rock 'n' roll."

Either way, we are sure that the Hollywood heartthrob is laughing all the way to the bank on this one!

Check out the clip from the show below!

Photo Credit: NBC