Hayden Panettiere Covers SELF December 2012

Publicada Sábado Noviembre 17, 2012 6:24 PM GMT

With her hit ABC series "Nashville" heating up TV screens, Hayden Panettiere pitched in on promotions by covering the December 2012 issue of Self magazine.

The 23-year-old actress looked stunning in a Diane von Furstenberg shirt, Haute Hippie skirt and Rebekah Price earrings for the Kenneth Willardt shot front page while opening up about topics including body image, her fears and and her small screen role.

Highlights from Miss Panettiere's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Self!

On "Nashville":
"I'm having fun playing the bad girl in Nashville! I sang and started an album when I was younger, but I wasn't proud of how it was going, so I quit. I always said that if I did music in the future, I'd do country. I love it. But because I'm from New York, I was afraid people would think I was trying to fit where I didn't belong and go, 'She's trying to be Taylor Swift.' I'm not trying to be anybody but myself."

On being comfortable with her body:
"I've grown into myself and my body. In Nashville, you see women, even successful singers, who have voluptuous bodies and everyone is supportive. You don't get the kind of criticism you might in Hollywood. To me, the confident curvy girl is so much sexier than the insecure skinny girl."

On her fears:
"I have stage fright! It's because I'm a perfectionist, but I have to get over it. Getting to know the music scene here, I see that people are rooting for you, and if you mess up, it's OK. And I've learned from karaoke, if all else fails, a shot of tequila takes the edge off and lets you have fun!"

On the Golden Rule:
"I've been acting since I was little, and kids are often not treated well on sets. Whenever I'd work with an actor who was good to me, my mom would say, 'Look, that's how you want to be.' I don't believe anyone is born bad or mean; they become that way from anger and insecurity. But even when it's my character being aggressive, not me, I find myself apologizing!"

Photo Credit: Kenneth Willardt for SELF