Ke$ha Unleashes “C’Mon” Single: Listen Here!

Publicada Viernes Noviembre 16, 2012 12:05 PM GMT

It’s always a party whenever she’s on the mic, and Ke$ha has just dropped her brand-spanking-new single “C’Mon.”

The “Your Love is My Drug” songstress is gearing up for the release of her album Warrior next month, and she’s already creating plenty of buzz with this super-hot track.

Ke$ha sings, "Saw you leaning against that old record machine/ Saw the name of your band written on the marquee/ It's a full moon tonight so we gettin' rowdy/ Yeah, we gettin' rowdy, get-get-gettin' rowdy."

Producer Dr. Luke told press, "There's a lot of up-tempo music there, but there are definitely some very raw songs in there with not a whole lot of production. She's singing songs with no doubles on it from the beginning to the end of the song, which you never hear in music anymore. She has a stellar voice, and it's funny that a lot of people haven't realized that, but they will now, for sure."

"I can't wait for people to hear the whole Ke$ha record. I feel like it has legs. I'm finishing songs right now."

Photo Credit: Twitter

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