Chloe Moretz: Designer Pudsey Auction Fun

Publicada Viernes Noviembre 16, 2012 2:14 PM GMT

She’s always up for a good time, and last night (November 15) Chloe Moretz got all gussied up and headed over to the Designer Pudsey Collection in Aid of Children in Need Auction in London, England.

The “Hugo” cutie donned a bright yellow dress as she arrived at the world-famous Christie’s Auction House, stopping off for a few photos before making her way inside.

Chloe’s new project, a remake of the classic horror film “Carrie,” has been getting all kinds of buzz in spite of the fact that it’s not scheduled to hit theaters until March 15th, 2013.

Of the original flick, Miss Moretz gushed, “I saw the original film when I was about 13 or 14, and I love the original film. I think it was a beautifully made film. It was very theatrical – it was a very big movie. I hadn’t read the book until I booked the part. And that’s when I absolutely really fell in love with it. And every day on set, every scene I had, I compared the scene in the book to the scene in the script. I wrote down all the notes that I had and all the ideas that I had and all the beats that I had for the character, and then I would go to the novel and I would look at what Stephen did. I melded the two together, and that’s when I created this kind of great collaboration between the book and my idea.”

Chloe also explained what made her go out for the gig- “Well you know, what really attracts me to darker material is that I don’t like playing really light characters, in the sense that I don’t like playing characters that are more like me. Because I have a good life, I have a really supportive mother, I have a great family – and that type of stuff is just kind of boring for me. I like playing characters that really stretch me and really make me feel something I’ve never felt before, and make me express feelings I’ve never expressed before. It’s not exactly just going for a genre, and it just happens to fall into the darker region.”

As for her view on the Stephen King novel on which the films are based, Moretz opined, “What I found so amazing is the dimensions that go along with Carrie and how in the book she’s not just this angry girl who has no reason to be mad and just wants to hurt people for the sake of hurting people. Carrie is this person who is put down by everyone around her, even by the person who she loves the most, her mother. She looks up to her mother more than any other person in the world, and that’s the main person in her life who tells her, ‘No, you’re never going to amount to anything.’ But really, you also realize that Margaret is dealing with her own issues from her past. And so that’s why in this movie, obviously you don’t go very far back into Margaret’s childhood … but you do get a sense of what had happened and … why she’s treating her daughter like this. I wanted to read the book because the book takes you way farther back than a script can ever take you, and it adds another dimension and another layer to your character.”

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