David Beckham & Snoop Dogg: “A Christmas Carol” Pair

Publicada Martes Noviembre 27, 2012 1:15 PM GMT

It’s one of the most-beloved Christmastime stories, and David Beckham and Snoop Dogg have joined forces for their own version of “A Christmas Carol.”

“The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop” follows the iconic rapper from his party days to his more subdued lifestyle as of late.

During one scene, US tennis legend Stan Smith addresses Snoop- “Everyone always came when you called, but you’ve forgotten about them.”

Snoop calls out, “Why I am here?” to which Beckham replies, “Because you, sir, have been a real bore. Go see for yourself.”

Mr. Dogg observes, “Man, this place is lame,” and Becks fires back, “Really? Coming from a guy who’s wearing a house coat in public? Are you starting to see you’re the problem? Things just aren’t the same when you’re not in the game.”

And of course, Rita Ora adds her two cents- “It’s gonna take harmony and hoops to scare the holiday spirit back into you.”

“The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop” is part of the Adidas Holiday Ad Campaign. Check it out below!