Ricky Gervais Teams with Terry Richardson

Publicada Miércoles Diciembre 5, 2012 2:00 PM GMT

He’s one of the most acid-tongued actors in the business, but even Ricky Gervais has a soft spot for famed photographer Terry Richardson.

The “Invention of Lying” star posed for a fun-filled photoshoot helmed by Richardson for the new issue of the New York Times magazine and it looks like they had a blast.

In his “Manhattan Project” essay, Gervais gushed about his love for the Big Apple. "When dairy cows are let out of the barns in spring, after a long winter of dried feed and artificial lights, they play by jumping around and rolling in the grass, before they start grazing, because they are so happy and excited to be back in a field. That's me, every time I land in New York. I can't believe my luck. I live and work here."

He continued, "So what was the moment I really fell in love with New York? It was during the filming of my first lead role in a movie, ‘Ghost Town.’...Then I saw every shop and home transform into a wonderland around Thanksgiving in time for Christmas. Then there was basically a lot of eating. Perfect."

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson

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