Hugh Jackman: Claridge’s Hotel Hunk

Publicada Martes Diciembre 4, 2012 2:40 PM GMT

Taking care of his to-do list, Hugh Jackman strolled out of Claridge’s Hotel in London, England earlier today (December 4).

Sporting a Puma tracksuit, sunglasses and a stocking cap, the “Australia” actor looked to be in good spirits as he encountered some fans and shutterbugs along the way.

And it sounds like Hugh is the perfect guest for a birthday party- he gave his “Les Miserables” costar Amanda Seyfried a lap dance during her recent soiree.

Jackman declared, "Tonight is a special night, and I am going to sing one song. And this is a song I am not going to sing alone, because it is the birthday of Amanda Seyfried. I once gave Barbara Walters a lap dance and I promised her I would never do it again, but seeing as she is not here tonight ..."

Hugh crooned, "Happy Birthday, Amanda - my daughter Cosette - Seyfried. Yes, it’s one of those father daughter relationships... Happy birthday to yooouuuu!"

Photo Credit: INF Daily

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