Lady Gaga Performs "Gimme Shelter" with The Rolling Stones

Publicada Domingo Diciembre 16, 2012 1:01 PM GMT

Celebrating their 50th year together, the Rolling Stones invited Lady Gaga on stage to perform their hit "Gimme Shelter" at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on Saturday night (December 15).

The "Born this Way" singer left her hotel earlier in the day sporting an odd black-and-gold caged headpiece, but wore an unusually tame black-and-silver vertically-striped bodysuit while around stage with Mick Jagger.

Also joining the Stones at the pay-per-view concert were the Black Keys, John Mayer, and Bruce Springsteen.

Thrilled at the opportunity, the 24-year-old singer tweeted, "I had a life dream to be transported in a time machine to 1973 NJ, beer + badboys. Someone heal me it happened + then I sang with the Stones." Check out the video of their performance below.

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