Amanda Seyfried’s Los Angeles Retail Romp

Publicada Lunes Diciembre 17, 2012 1:15 PM GMT

Stepping out for a spot of shopping, Amanda Seyfried showed up at a swanky boutique in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon (December 16).

The “Mama Mia” starlet was joined by a male friend and wore a Philadelphia Phillies ball cap, representing her home state of Pennsylvania.

Amanda has been working hard to promote her new movie “Les Miserables,” and her costar Anne Hathaway recently told press that the whole cast had quite a challenge singing during the actual scenes.

“None of us really knew if [singing live on camera] was going to work. And when they came back, there were two things everybody was talking about: One was how incredible Hugh sounded, and how good his acting was, and two, that he was in the worst possible physical conditions, and he did not complain once. And that really set the tone for the rest of us.”

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