“Gossip Girl” Gears Up for Goodbye

Publicada Lunes Diciembre 17, 2012 11:35 AM GMT

It has been a wonderfully drama-filled run for “Gossip Girl,” and tonight (December 17) everything will come to an end with a two-hour series finale.

And according to show creator Stephanie Savage, everyone has come together to make the final moments of the CW legacy the best it can be, and Manhattan has always played a key role in the story.

“We feel like we got the characters to a good destination. I think New York was a huge character in the show. We joke that she's our ninth lead.”

She continued, “You could feel the energy and the color in the streets. The sight of Dan Humphrey (played by Penn Badgley) running through a sea of yellow cabs, or Serena ( Blake Lively) and her brother escaping from a hospital bed to shop at Henri Bendel (on Fifth Ave.) — there's no substitute for shooting in New York.”

At first, the CW wasn’t too keen on a big budget Big Apple setting. “It was a big battle. Certainly a lot of people thought that when we first start that we’d never be able to shoot at the Met or in Grand Central Terminal — we did both. This city is great for shooting, the crews are amazing, the (Mayor's) film commission is incredible and the people on the streets were always great.”

Photo Credit: CW