Leonardo DiCaprio on "Django Unchained" Character: "I Had To Do It"

Publicada Lunes Diciembre 17, 2012 5:10 PM GMT

The release date is inching closer and closer and in anticipation, the cast of “Django Unchained” gathered together for a press conference in New York City on Sunday (December 16).

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and Jonah Hill joined the film’s creator and director, Quentin Tarantino, to chat about the controversial flick.

“As soon as I read it, I was incredibly excited. This man was a character, as Quentin put it, represented everything that was wrong with the south at the time. He was like a young Louis XIV… sort of a prince that wanted to hold onto his position at all costs,” Leonardo explained.

“There was absolutely nothing about this man that I could identify with,” the “Inception” star added. “I hated him and it was one of the most narcissistic, self-indulgent, racist horrible characters that I’ve ever read in my entire life and I had to do it. It was too good not to do.”

Jamie Foxx portrays the film’s title character and explained his thoughts after reading the script.

“So you want me to be the most despicable negro in cinematic history?” Foxx said. “We both kind of laughed together and said ‘yeah, yeah. Let’s get on that.’ To take what people know as Uncle Tom and turn it on its head in a powerful way.”

Catch "Django Unchained" in theatres on Christmas Day (December 25).

Photo Credit: Getty Images