Ke$ha Clarifies "Die Young" Response

Publicada Jueves Diciembre 20, 2012 5:15 PM GMT

After claiming she was "forced" to sing the lyrics to "Die Young" shortly after the song was pulled from the airwaves, Ke$ha is clarifying her statements.

Though she deleted the "forced to" tweet from her Twitter account, she posted a message on her official site after properly thinking through a response.

On Thursday (December 20), the "Tik Tok" singer wrote, "After such a tragic event I was feeling a lot of emotion and sadness when I said I was forced to sing some of the lyrics to 'Die Young.' Forced is not the right word. I did have some concerns about the phrase 'die young' in the chorus when we were writing the lyrics especially because so many of my fans are young and that's one reason why I wrote so many versions of this song."

However, sticking by her true intentions in the song, she adds, "But the point of the song is the importance of living every day to the fullest and staying young at heart, and these are things I truly believe."

Ke$ha's single was pulled from the airwaves shortly after the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook's Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.

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