Nas Sued for $10 Million Over Kidnapping

Publicada Sábado Diciembre 22, 2012 5:49 PM GMT

In a bizarre incident following a concert no-show, a concert promoter claims he was kidnapped after Nas blew off of a gig in Angola last year.

Patrick Allocco asserts that he was taken hostage by promoters and "henchmen" in December 2011 when Nas stood up his New Year's Eve concert, for which he was paid $300,000.

The promoter was allegedly held captive for 50 days by those who wanted their money back. During the ordeal, Allocco claims he was beaten and threatened constantly.

Though Nas isn't claimed to be one of the kidnappers, he is being sued for $10 million for his role in the incident, with Allocco claiming he lost his house and business during the time he was in captivity.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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