HBO Faces “Luck” Lawsuit

Publicada Jueves Enero 3, 2013 5:05 AM GMT

After a first season plagued by the death of three horses, HBO decided to pull the plug on their Dustin Hoffman-starring “Luck.”

And now animal advocate Barbara Casey is calling foul on the way the show treated all of the animals involved and claims they tried to hide the misdeeds that led to the horses’ demise.

According to the lawsuit, filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Casey is accusing HBO and the AHA with conspiring to drug the horses and leave all violations off the books “in order to save time and money and minimize any disruption to the production schedule.”

Furthermore, Barbara states they “intentionally misidentified horses so that the humane officers and/or safety representative could not track their medical histories."

"AHA told its representatives not to document this horse's death because he was killed during a summer hiatus from filming and therefore did not count."

However, HBO fired back, "We took every precaution to ensure that our horses were treated humanely and with the utmost care, exceeding every safeguard of all protocols and guidelines required of the production. Barbara Casey was not an employee of HBO, and any questions regarding her employment should be directed to the AHA."

Photo Credit: HBO