“Django Unchained” Is Tarantino’s Highest-Earning Flick

Publicada Jueves Enero 17, 2013 5:00 PM GMT

There’s been no lack of publicity for Quentin Tarantino's latest film “Django Unchained,” and all of that hype has translated to massive ticket sales.

According to a report, the “Pulp Fiction” mastermind’s slavery-themed opus is right around $130 million in earnings, topping the $120 million total for “Inglourious Basterds.”

Therefore, “Django” is now the biggest Tarantino film of all time, and worldwide numbers will likely far surpass the domestic dollars.

Then again, with a cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson, it’s no wonder folks love this film.

Photo Credit: Getty Images