John Mayer Gushes About Katy Perry in Rolling Stone

Publicada Jueves Enero 31, 2013 11:35 AM GMT

He’s one of the most notorious womanizers in Tinseltown, but John Mayer may have left his Lothario tendencies behind once and for all.

The “No Such Thing” singer has been romancing fellow musician Katy Perry for awhile now, and he told Rolling Stone he’s perfectly content being a one-woman man.

John explained, "I haven't had any trouble in my private life at all. It's been ... I mean, I'm quite happy. I'm happy in all aspects of my life. I'm very happy in all aspects of my life."

Mayer also discussed his love/hate relationship with fame, specifically the ever-present paparazzi brigade.

"I used to be incredibly put off by somebody taking a picture, thinking as if in some way it was it was invading my brain. But all it is, is you can see where I was last weekend. That's all … That's not tremendously frightening to me."

As for up-and-coming singing sensation Frank Ocean, John noted, "Frank is such an interesting, deep, touched, wonderful guy. He's fascinating to me. He's so great."

And these days, Mayer says, "I'm interested in living more of a life that's invisible to everybody and more vibrant to a fewer people that are in my life.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images