Michelle Williams: March 2013 Glamour UK Feature

Publicada Lunes Febrero 4, 2013 12:25 PM GMT

In anticipation of her next film "Oz the Great and Powerful," Michelle Williams scored a feature in the March 2013 issue of Glamour UK magazine.

The 32-year-old actress posed in a cozy sweater before opening up to the mag about everything from being the Good Witch of the South to her simple fitness routine.

You can catch a few highlights from Michelle's interview below. For even more on the "My Week with Marilyn" star be sure to visit Glamour UK!

On "Dawson's Creek":
"I can look back on the time with very fond memories now. At the time, I was a teenager, and I think teenagers want out of whatever they're in. In retrospect, I think 'Dawson's Creek' was the best place for me. It was like a padded cell. I was enclosed, but I couldn't do any damage to myself. We were like four scruffy teenagers with teenage habits and moods, and they sheltered us."

On her role in "Oz":
"I wanted to make something for children that had a non-sarcastic sense of humor. I wanted to make something with an innocent and open heart... something with a few scares and some precipices, but which didn't depend on innuendo or adult humor. I wanted to make something Matilda would be excited to see."

On keeping off the weight without exercising:
"Actually, I only started exercising for the first time in my life a couple of months ago. I went to a group aerobics class, and I found it to be like a dance party without alcohol, for moms. It was fun. What I realize about exercise is that as much as it's for your body, it's more for your brain. But I couldn't ever undertake working, exercising, and raising a child. I think when you're working, which I haven't been for the past nine months, exercise if a far-off land, and no one should ever make themselves feel bad for not getting to the gym while raising kids and have a career. F*** that gym."

Photo Credit: Glamour UK