Jenny McCarthy’s SuperBowl Blackout Tattoo

Publicada Lunes Febrero 4, 2013 3:20 PM GMT

Most folks stayed in the New Orleans Superdome when the lights went out during the Super Bowl last night, but Jenny McCarthy definitely isn’t most folks.

Instead, the “Singled Out” babe decided to score some body art in the form of a brand new tattoo on her foot.

This morning, Jenny tweeted, "Got a new tattoo during half time Black out. So excited 2 b wearing heels on The Today show this morning. Ouch."

And during her interview on “Today,” McCarthy explained, “It’s kind of still in pain. Basically during the blackout at the SuperBowl I decided to do something besides gorge pizza and I went next door and got a new tattoo. I was literally like, ‘What do I do with myself? I’m really bored!’”

Jenny also plugged her forthcoming Friday night program on VH1- “I’ve been in this talk show development deal for like 10 years now and finally this is the first time I kept saying, ‘Put me on TV. I’m so tired of this.’”

Photo Credit:, Twitter